Best Practices 
W3C Valid  
Is Your Website 100%

With over 25 years of experience, we know how to make your website 100%.

We know that a website needs to be more that just a pretty picture. It needs to follow the highest quality control standards to get noticed by search engines and prospects.

  • Our web hosting platform is optimized to produce the best possible performance results.
  • Our content management system optimizes every image to support the most current standards.
  • Our applications are designed so they don't slow down the initial load of your web pages.
  • Our content management system is a publish model so all the files associated with your site load quickly.


  • Our sites are audited with Lighthouse to ensure they are accessible by handicapped visitors.
  • Our optional Accessibility application can let the visitor change the appearance of text.
  • Field names are tied to fields so visually disabled can understand how to complete forms.
  • All links have a descriptive name so visually disabled can know where the links take them.
  • All images have a descriptive alternate name so visually disabled can understand the images message.

Best Practices
  • Our sites are audited to ensure they use the most current best practices.
  • Our sites use HTTPS the encrypts all data transfer between the visitor and your site.
  • Best practices make is more difficult for scammers to use your site in phishing scams.
  • JavaScript libraries are kept up-to-date to avoid zero day exploits.
  • Many other technical items are verified for current best practices.

Search Engine Optimization
  • Our sites are audited to ensure they provide the best possible chance for your site to place well with search engines.
  • Every page has a title.
  • Every page has a valid description.
  • All links within the website are crawlable.
  • All images have an alternate text attribute.
  • All links are appropriately sizes for use on a mobile device.
  • Avoid the use of gimmick plugins or application that do not contribute the website usefulness.
  • Many other technical items are verified for the current search engine optimization standard.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Validation Service

  • The W3C is the group that defines how the web is supposed to work.
  • Our web sites must pass the current W3C validations.
  • Ensures the code used in your site is technically correct.
  • Eliminates most problems with consistency in the appearance of your web site.


  • Our hosting services support all the current hosting protocols.
  • HTTP2 is the most current protocol that connects a visitor to your website.
  • HTTPS encrypts all communication between your visitor and your website.
  • We ensure that if someone visits the insecure address for your website, they get redirected to the secure version of your site.
  • Our sites are accessible using IPv6 which is the newest low level protocol being used on the Internet.
  • We encourage customers that collect sensitive information to use Extended Verification certificates.