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Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Stay in touch with your customers and prospects

Email Marketing is much more than the name suggests. Our Email Marketing uses the Phi4 Internet Marketing system so it integrates tightly with your web site. Email messages are created and maintained using the same WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor used to maintain your web site. The following are just some ways email marketing works with your web site.

  • When someone completes a form on your web site the following actions can happen.

    • Visitor can be automatically subscribed to a list.

    • Visitor can automatically receive a rich formatted text message.

    • Visitor can receive a series of email at a specified interval. For instance, if they sign up for a class, they can receive a series of emails helping them prepare for the class and a reminder the day before the class starts.

    • All the information the customer enters can be merged with the messages sent to the customer. For instance, if the visitors name is John Doe, the message can begin with "Hello John Doe,"

  • When someone clicks on a link within your message to takes them to a specific landing page within your web site, it will be tracked as a campaign by our Matomo analytic system so you can track the effectiveness of your email campaign.

  • You can schedule a series of emails to be sent to a specific list. For instance, you could have a Tip of the Week newsletter. You could pre-write 52 articles and let the Phi4 system send them out each Tuesday morning (we chose Tuesday morning for this example since that is the day your message is statistically most likely to be read).