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Before you spend thousands of dollars on search optimization, consider optimizing your web site. 

The one of the most important things search engines look for when ranking your site is how fast it loads on a mobile device. They also consider how easy the site is to use on a mobile device.

By converting a WordPress site to iEditWeb we have improved mobile load time by 600%. This has resulted moving the site ranking to number one for many keywords without changing any of the original SEO data.

Contrary to the claims of many search engine optimization (SEO) companies, nobody knows exactly how Google and Bing rank web sites. It changes constantly so they can ensure their users get good search results and to combat abuse. In spite of that, search engine companies like Google provide tools and suggestions based on providing accurate and complete information. They also want your site to load quickly on a mobile device.

Some companies will "Make Up" things that they will claim improve your web site ranking. They may also employ unscrupulous techniques to make your site analytics appear great while not actually attracting the real prospects you need to grow your business.

Here are just a few of things that really matter.

  • Use a web host that is designed to handle your success. Lets face it, if your site gets a lot of traffic, it costs the web hosting company more money. Budget hosting companies rely on customers with poor traffic to pay their bills. You don't want to hire a hosting service that profits from your failure.

  • Efficient delivery of web site content is important. Your hosting service needs to be able to deliver dynamic content like web pages from a different web site address than your static content like images. Your web site design and content management system must be able to take advantage of special hosting features and content delivery networks. You can test your site for these types of problems using the Pingdom Website Speed Test and the Google Mobile Speed Test.

  • Responsive design is important. A responsive design is one that morphs to look good on all devices from desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. The links must be large enough to be easy to use on a mobile device. If you use the Google Mobile Speed Test, it will display some of the mobile usability problems your site may have.

  • Structured data is information hidden in your web site that search engines can use to better understand and index your site. It's important that this information doesn't contradict your web page content. Using structured data properly is complex but we have the tools and expertise to make it work for your business.

  • Don't lie. For instance, at one time SEO companies would put text in a page using the same color as the background and list competitor brand names. A visitor to the page cannot easily read this text. As a result, when someone searched for the competitor they would find your site. This and any other method of "tricking" the search engine will cause your site to be ranked poorly. Even if it works in the short run, Google has a huge staff looking for tricks and modifying the search engine to detect and demote sites that use "tricks".

  • Social Media is a great way to drive traffic to your web site. The problem is that it takes diligence and a great deal of time to be effective. We have experts that can ensure your social media is fresh and driving new visitors to your site. Even though everyone seems to want pretty icons that link to their Facebook page, this does nothing to get visitors on your site and may actually expose your visitors to some of your competitors. It's still good to do in most cases as it is contact information just like your phone number or email address. Consider placing a like button on your site near interesting articles and content. This way visitors that do come to your site can share your site with their friends.

  • Google Search Console is a good way to track how well you are doing in your SEO efforts.

  • Analytic systems like Matomo which is built into the iEditWeb using the Phi4 Marketing System and Google Analytics are a must in determining how well your site is performing. Matomo is better at dealing with Phi4 specific features like Campaigns and eCommerce while Google provides a different perspective that can be used to improve Google ranking.

    These are all things you should do when building your site to attract the visitors you want. The next level involves having someone constantly evaluate and re-evaluate your keywords against your competitors and research how people search for your products and services. This type of SEO can cost thousands of dollars per month. For many small businesses this may not offer a good return on investment. We can provide this level of service if you need it.

Seems like a lot?
We are here to help.