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A few ideas when visiting with your Mentee:
  • Bring the New Member Checklist to your meeting.  We offer two versions (updated 06/12/2020) :
  • Let them know you 'selected' their business to Mentor and why
  • Ask about their business
  • How did they get started
  • What are their goals for the chamber membership
  • What is the best time for them to get away from their business for 1-2 hours (gives you an idea what Chamber meeting will work best for them).
  • Advise them to schedule their ribbon cutting
  • Leave your business card and contact information
  • Explain how the Chamber membership has benefited yourself and your business
  • More importantly, be yourself

FYI, starting January 2018, Chamber staff will be giving plaques to new members.


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Mentor / Mentee First Meeting Training Video


Mentor / Mentee First Meeting Training Video